The Cover-Up Collapses

On June 26, 2000 the Vatican published the enigmatic vision of "the Bishop dressed in white" and claimed it was the entirety of the Third Secret of Fatima. Since then, a growing number of Catholics have become convinced that something is missing. What is missing are the words of the Virgin Mary which would explain how the Pope in the vision comes to be executed by soldiers outside a ruined city filled with corpses.

In this book, attorney and Catholic commentator Christopher A. Ferrara conducts a meticulous examination of a mass of evidence — including many recent admissions, inadvertent disclosures, inconsistencies and sudden about-faces on the part of the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone — to arrive at the inescapable conclusion that a text of the Virgin's words in the Third Secret has yet to be revealed.

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The Latest Chapter in the Story of Fatima

About the Author

Christopher A. Ferrara is an attorney who serves as President and Chief Counsel for the American Catholic Lawyers Association, a religious organization dedicated to the defense of the rights of Catholics by way of litigation, public discourse and debate. Mr. Ferrara is also a widely published author on Catholic issues whose writings have appeared in The Latin Mass magazine, The Remnant newspaper, Christian Order, The Fatima Crusader magazine, the Catholic Family News, and his regular Internet column, Fatima Perspectives. He is the author of EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong, and co-author of The Great Façade: Vatican II and the Regime of Novelty in the Roman Catholic Church, internatinally acclaimed as one of the most incisive studies ever written of the post-Vatican II crisis in Roman Catholicism. Mr. Ferrara resides in New Jersey with his wife, Wendy, and four of their six children, where he is currently at work on his next book Liberty: the God that Failed.


The Secret Still Hidden Epilogue
Vindication Booklet

The Latest Chapter in the Fatima Story

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  •        • The Latest Chapter in the story of Fatima

           • Vindication Booklet

           • Appendix VI:  Photos

           • Appendix V:  The Pope Publicly Declares, After the 1984 Consecration of the World, That Our Lady is "Still           Awaiting" the Consecration of Russia

           • Appendix IV:  A Systematic Deception


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