Story of Fatima

Heaven's Key to Peace

Experts: Father Nicholas Gruner (head of one of the world’s largest Fatima Apostolates; publisher of The Fatima Crusader), John Vennari (editor of Catholic Family News), Christopher A. Ferrara (Catholic attorney and author; President: American Catholic Lawyers Assoc.), Father Paul Kramer (editor and compiler of The Devil’s Final Battle), Father Gregorius Hesse (renowned theologian, canonist and author; former personal secretary to Cardinal Stickler), Marco Tosatti (Italian journalist and author of The Prophecies of Fatima), Cornelia Ferreira (author of various books exposing the New Age Movement and Feminism), Robert Sungenis (Catholic apologetic), Gerry Matatics (Catholic apologetic), and Rabbi Schiller; on video (60 minutes).

Summary: Heaven's Key to Peace is a riveting, one-hour documentary which explains how the world can achieve lasting world peace. It addresses the welfare of YOU and your family. Whatever you do, you MUST see this brilliant and inspiring new documentary on Our Lady's Message and its critical importance to our times. Never before has Fatima been explained so fully and convincingly.


Sister Lucy Writes Down the Secret in 1944 in Obedience to the Bishop of Fatima and Our Lady of Fatima

Expert: Father Nicholas Gruner (head of one of the world’s largest Fatima Apostolates; publisher of The Fatima Crusader); on Heaven’s Peace Plan radio program, #790 (30 minutes).

Summary: Father Gruner explains the circumstances under which Sister Lucy was horrified to write down the Third Secret but finally did so in January 1944 in obedience to the Bishop of Fatima and to Our Lady, Herself.


Chronology of Four Cover-up Campaigns: Suppression of the Third Secret

Experts: The Fatima Center

Summary: A brief history of the Third Secret, from the time it was written down by Sister Lucy in 1944, through its transferal to Rome in 1957 and subsequent suppression, starting with the anonymous announcement of its non-release in 1960. Chronicled events include the literal stopping at the presses of Fr. Alonso’s exhaustive 24-volume work on Fatima (completed in 1975), which includes over 5,000 documents, and later attempts by Sister Lucy and Father Joaquin Alonso (official archivist of Fatima for 16 years) to get the word out despite the ongoing suppression, and finally the non-release of the full Third Secret on June 26, 2000.


The Silencing of Sister Lucy

Experts: The Fatima Center

Summary: Where truth is unwelcome, its messengers suffer the consequences. This article examines the many concrete steps taken by various Vatican prelates to keep Sister Lucy silent on the Consecration of Russia and the Third Secret of Fatima.

      Arturo de Oliveira Santos, the Mayor of Ourem, who had the Fatima seers kidnapped and imprisoned in August 1917, threatening the children with execution if they did not reveal the Secret the Virgin Mary told them. They refused to give in to the threat and were finally released.
      The window of the jail where the Mayor of Ourem imprisoned the three children.
      The front page of the anti-clerical paper O Seculo, a major Portuguese newspaper, reporting in great detail the Miracle of the Sun. Even this anti-Catholic newspaper was forced to acknowledge “how the sun danced in the sky at mid-day in Fatima.”
      A crowd of 70,000 people assembled in the rain-soaked Cova da Iria to witness the Miracle of the Sun on October 13, 1917.
      The crowd is transfixed and terrified by the Miracle of the Sun.
      Sister Lucia in her coffin. Only after Lucia was dead did Cardinal Bertone introduce new purported statements by Lucia he had never mentioned before and for which there is no independent record.


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